Over the last decade, text messaging has grown to be one of the most popular and flexible tools of modern communication. Our online SMS portal requires only an internet connection, no special software or modems required. The system allows you to personalise one sms message to multiple individuals in a few seconds (Bulk SMS) and allows you to add as many contacts as you like in your own personlised online phonebook. This allows for more efficient communications between you and your customers improving your overall service levels for as little as 25c / SMS. The system also supports all South African cellphone providers so you dont have to worry if your customers will receive your promotion / notifications.


* Month - Month Pricing (Requires Signup Form)
Package Cost Per Month incl VAT Cost Per SMS in bundle Cost Per SMS out bundle
SMS 100 R 42.00 42c 42c
SMS 250 R 95.00 38c 38c
SMS 500 R 170.00 34c 34c
SMS 750 R 240.00 32c 32c
SMS 1000 R 300.00 30c 30c
SMS 5000 R 1,400.00 28c 28c
SMS 10000 R 2,500.00 25c 25c


Bulk SMS with Own SIM (with reply path)

This option is for clients who wish to have their own SMS gateway using their own SIM card. This option has a R 3,500.00 setup fee (Once Off) and a cost of R350.00 / month IDC appliance Hosting cost. Clients wanting this functionality will have to supply their own SIM card and will be billed by their own Service Provider for all SMS`s. This product uses a web interface like this one and clients will have access as determined by their IT administrator. Return sms functionality is also supplied. Please click here to download the application form.